about ISObar

ISObar is a high-quality mobile counter for trade fairs and events made from aluminum frames and gray-coated wooden panels.  The counter can be set up individually or is expandable in a straight and curved shape (up to 90 °), different floor plans are possible.  The massive cover plate and 1 shelve per counterunit offer a high-quality presentation area and enough storage space.  The counter is delivered in a sturdy cardboard packaging.
You can access the price list (PL-003B / 01-03) by registering.

set up

ISOframe counters are easy to set up without tools. Put the base plate on the floor, add the poles and fix it to the base plate. Put in the shelves and add the counter top. Now fix the graphic panel provided with magnetic tape to the counter - finished.

forms / elements

With the 3 element variants straight, 30° and 90°, different combinations can be created as required.



straight elements

curved elements

corner elements

special elements

1 starter set - straight 6 end module 30° curved
2 extension - straight 7 extension 90° curved
3 end module - straight 8 starter set 30°s-form curved
4 starter set 30° curved 9 extension 30° s-form curved
5 extension 30° curved 10 extension 30° s-form curved


Promotion desk / transport case for trade shows, events, presentations, POS etc.