about LEDUP Battery

The LEDUP Battery is a double-sided illuminated display in a frame format of 100x200cm, which is mainly used in places where there is no power plug or where cables cannot be laid for other reasons or where it is undesirable. The interior lighting from 2 sides is carried out using the latest pogo pin lighting technology and highly efficient LED modules. The main technical informations to be mentioned here are 50 watts of system output, 12,600 lm and a color temperature of 6,500 Kelvin.

Equipped with a powerful lithium-ion powerpack, the LEDUP Battery can let your message shine in the light for over 10 hours, regardless of an external power supply. Enjoy the freedom to position your LED frame where your message can achieve the best advertising effect. The frame system is packed in a practical ABS transport case with wheels so that you can reach your desired location quickly and easily.


The rechargeable 24 volt lithium-ion powerpack has a weight of 5 kg with an output of 22,000mAh and can illuminate the LEDUP Battery for over 10 hours. This gives you the opportunity to illuminate the LEDUP Battery for an entire day at a fair. If you do have the opportunity to find a power connection near the light frame, you can operate the light frame directly from the power supply in just a few simple steps.

After assembly, place the powerpack at the bottom of the frame so that it is built into the frame - no disturbing parts are visible from the outside.


creating the print file

Since the powerpack is positioned inside the frame and this casts a shadow due to its size, a black bar should be provided in the bottom 12 cm of the print file.

tool-less assembly

LEDUP Battery consists of only a few parts and these can be assembled in a very short time without tools. Both allow for quick and easy use. You remove the parts from the practical transport box, put them together and unfold the pre-assembled foot construction - that's it. The silicon lip edging allows for easy, flat mounting of your print media and can be easily exchanged.


true wireless

Plus, an innovative power connection inside the frame known as the Pogopin means that traditional cable connections have been rendered obsolete. Simply connect the two parts of the frame together and the power’s on – genius!

LED side illumination

The modular design of the OSRAM LED modules allows us to back light almost any frame size with an even, bright light with no hot spots. The perfect combination of LED and lens guarantees the absolute even lighting and brightness without any shadows.


ABS transportcase

The LEDUP Battery is delivered in a light transport case made of durable ABS. The water-repellent hard case made of ABS is impact and scratch-resistant and has high-quality, robust zippers. Smooth-running wheels with rubber coating and sturdy handles on three sides ensure easy transport. Three lashing straps guarantee quick and easy system attachment. The system panels are also protected, separated from the system by a hard shell and stowed in the case. The case measures WxHxD 118x15x32 cm and weighs 4 kg (without system).

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short base

The new short base for LEDUP Battery is made of aluminium and can be used for all LEDUP versions. With just a few easy touches, you get a LEDUP system that can be pushed completely against the wall.


set up

Pull the accessory base onto the frame feet of your LEDUP Battery, attach fixation and now it is possible to put your LEDUP Battery completely against the wall.

System connector made of steel

With different metal system connectors inserted between the vertical systemcomponents, you can easily connect back panels in a variety of shapes. These accessories also alow you to create various shapes of back panels like L-, U-, T- , cross or star shape.


The system connector straight can be connected in no time several systems to any length, straight walls. The connector is inserted between the vertical system components and guarantees a stable connection between the systems.




With the system connector 90 degrees stable corner solutions can be created.



With the system connector cross - 4 LEDUP Battery's can be connected to a cross display.
This variant allows you a large advertising space in a small space.


With the system connector star - 3 LEDUP Battery's can be connected to a cross display.
This variant allows you a large advertising space in a small space.



With the system connector T LEDUP's can be connected to a T.




With the system connector T LEDUP Battery's can be connected to a T.