about soft expo2

The pop up - soft expo2 is often called – “the 10 seconds system”. To set up the soft expo, simply unfold the system, lock the connectors, the fabric print is already attached to the system (brush nylon) – finished.

With the system soft expo2 the print remains on the system even when folded. The fabric graphic panel can be taken off for washing (hand wash only – up to 30°C).

The system soft expo2 comes in a transport case with wheels, singly packed in a cardboard box. All system parts are available as spare parts. You will find set up instructions, templates, printing templates, and brochures in the download section

set up



Soft expo comes with two bases / feet to add stability.


transport case

Soft expo comes with a rollable transport case making it easy to transport.

many types

Width and height of the system is defined in quads 1 x 3, 2 x 3, 3 x 3, 4 x 3. System height 226 cm / 88.9” (= 3 quads) – system widths from 78, 152, 226 to 300 cm / 31”, 60”, 90” to 118” – custom sizes are available upon request.

Standard sizes WxHxD 78, 152, 226 and 300 x 226  x 32 cm / 31”, 60”, 90” and 118”x 90”x 12.6“.
Weight approx. 11 - 19 kg / 24- 42 lbs. 



The soft expo pop up is a quick and easy way to make your showroom or booth look great. It is the perfect pop up solution for exhibitions, showroom applications, presentations, promotions and events – see gallery.

soft expo_counter

Soft expo_counter is a foldable light weight counter - easy to set up. The system locks with hooks and one shelf is included. The counter top is optional either wooden - or black design. 

Measurements WxDxH 106 x 40 x 102 cm / 41.7"x 15.8"x 40.2" - weight approx. 10 kg / 23 lbs. 

The system soft expo_counter comes with a transport bag, singly packed in a cardboard box. All system parts are available as spare parts.



Halogen and LED spotlights are available as accessories. They are easy to attach to the backdrop and brighten up your presentation.

On the left side you see a picture of a halogen spot which extends 30 cm / 11.8” from panel. On the right side you see a picture of a LED spot which extends 30 cm / 11.8” from panel.


lamp bag

A bag for two halogen - or LED spots is available as an accessory.


ABS transport case

The new case made of ABS is much lighter than the one we used up to now. A hard surface gives you perfect protection for your systems. This case holds one soft expo2 up to 4x3 quads and comes with two casters/wheels making it easy to transport. The measurements of the case are WxHxD 40x26x93 cm / 15.8“x 10.3“x 36.7“.